KeyLMS – Distance Education

    Project Description

    KeyLMS - Distance Education

    KeyLMS is a software that enables institutions to manage and monitor their educational organizations from a single center.

    It ensures each employee to be trained in the same way and with the same materials and to be subjected to the same evaluation; thus, ensuring the standardization of education and equality of opportunity.

    With KeyLMS, there is no need to gather employees together. It allows employees to access training whenever they are ready and wherever they are.

    Why KeyLMS?

    KeyLMS Training Management allows you to manage synchronous, asynchronous, webcast, podcast, document training, on-the-job training, in-class and virtual classroom training processes, as well as to measure and evaluate employees' skills, knowledge and abilities.

    You can easily publish and share your training videos with KeyLMS, while you can determine the training that your employees need thanks to the Skill and Competency module.

    Furthermore, KeyLMS reduces the expenses of institutions such as travel, accommodation and class rent. It eliminates recurrence of training expenses. The training expenses incurred every year come to an end with a one-time investment and a serious profitability is achieved in return for the investment made.