Facility & Platform Management Solutions

    Project Description

    Facility & Platform Management Solutions

    KeyDesk Help Desk product acts as a bridge between Business and Administration. KeyDesk contains all medical and performance parameters in accordance with City Hospitals contracts. With the Central Help Desk, where the performance tracking is done instantaneously, year-end progress payment contract is made between the Administration and the Operator.

    The KeyDesk Help Desk, working in full integration with HBYS software, opens automatic work orders according to HBYS transactions and facilitates to follow routine tasks such as periodic maintenance. It also includes mandatory functions such as barcode scanning and photo shooting during the response and correction of problems or requests reported by field personnel of service providers in Android and IOS environments.

    Applications & Features

    It is put into use through easy-to-use interfaces with the following features: customizable for you, scalable for your operation, suitable for 360-degree customer information and experience analysis, and manageable by your operations experts without IT support.

    KeyDesk Facility Management helps you define all your resources with the Space, Asset and Personnel applications required for the management of a facility, and allows you to manage your operational processes in an integrated manner with Maintenance Management and Service Management applications. KeyDesk Facility Management has a flexible structure that allows you to quickly create definitions and workflows specific to you, as well as ready-made libraries created on the basis of the health sector.